What are the official working hours in Ramadan ? #kuwait #q8

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NOTE : This post has quoted from ArabTiimes.

With this year’s Ramadan our company is not planning to make any changes to our daily routine/ timings. The company says that there is no change in the timings and the changes announced before the start of Ramadan by the Civil Services Commission are only for the public sector and do not affect the private sector.

Answer: The company is partially right i.e. as far as the announcements on the issue by the Civil Services Commission (CSC) are concerned but it is totally wrong as far as the reduction in the daily working times of the private sector companies. Yes, the CSC announcements are for the public sector only but the Kuwait Labor Law is for the private sector and the law enacted on Feb 20, 2010 is very clear on the issue as it has reduced the working hours in Ramadan for the private sector.For this purpose you need to look at the last sentence of the first paragraph of Article 64 of the Kuwait Labor Law which leaves no doubt about the reduction of working hours during Ramadan. This sentence says “Working hours during the month of Ramadan shall be equal to 36 hours per week”. This means that companies which have a 6-day working week can’t make their employees work for over six hours a day while those which have a 5-day week must divide the 36 hours over the five days.

Since there are no lunch breaks during Ramadan the stay of employees in such companies will be a few minutes over 7 seven hours day. Most of the good companies are implementing this rule which was not in the previous law and giving their employees their right on the issue according to the current law.

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