New Law Approved – 12-hour working day, a day off once a week, and 30 days’ annual leave

June 26, 201573 Comments

dh2Kuwait’s parliament on Wednesday unanimously passed the first ever legislation in the oil-rich Gulf state to regulate the status of thousands of mainly Asian domestic helpers. As in neighbouring countries, domestic helpers in Kuwait are excluded under the labour law that covers workers in the private sector and are instead tied to labour contracts only.  The new law grants the 600,000 domestic helpers in Kuwait — most of them Asian women — a 12-hour working day, a day off once a week, and 30 days’ annual leave. It also obliges employers to open a bank account for maids and transfer their wages to the account to resolve the problem of delays or non-payment of salaries. Under the law, which takes effect after publication in the official gazette, maids who agree to work extra hours must be paid overtime. Kuwait and other Gulf countries, where at least 2.4 million domestic helpers work, have repeatedly come under strong criticism by international rights groups for alleged maltreatment of foreign workers, particularly domestic helpers. Labour ministers from the Gulf and 12 Asian countries that send workers to the region agreed in November to have a common contract for domestic helpers granting them basic rights. Kuwaiti MPs also passed a second law for the establishment of shareholding companies for the recruitment of domestic helpers in a bid to cut the cost for citizens and resolve problems associated with private recruitment offices.

Source : Jamaica Observer

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  1. Dapat alam mgmployer ang law ngangna iyan.dhil mas.marami pa ang di nkakaalam nyan…minsan lang mkapagpahinga ng maaga ….maaga ka na nmn magigising. Halos 4to 5 hrs lng ang tulog..

  2. I think the government here in Kuwait must publish this law in all the television channels with Arabic translation in order for our employers to understand such thing and the government must strictly implement this rule…

  3. Parehas tayo sis 110 lng sahod ko tapos d k patulugin agad.wala p off.dapat s agency dito s kuwait yan umpisahan.gawin wag s salita

  4. Dapat agency ang kakausap s employer about s bagong law at dapat bisitahin tayo ng mga agency natin once a month para alam nila kung ano nangyayari s atin hindi yung pag kinuha n tayo wala n cla pakialam. Sana lng ipatupad yan at sundin kht p n implement n

  5. Kelan pinatupad yan etong week lang naglakad ng balik manggagawa sa embassy un kasama ko wala naman ganyan sa kontrata nya..

  6. I hope both employers and enployee hold contract to know the rules

  7. It sounds good but employees are not following the rules, I'm working for one men at the desert and for past four months now he didn't pay me for salary when he came here and ask for my salary then he became angry and I have reported to my agent and she's not doing anything about it, please what should I do to get my salary?

  8. It's good news. But I doubt if our employers know how to obey the law.

  9. .. I'm one of the housemaid here in Kuwait but my employer doesn't allow me to have a day off every week.. even throwing garbage I cannot go out because they are very strick… hope you can help us if you really emplement that law.. and I work almost 24hours..

  10. Joana Cruz says:

    I don't believe in this. Sounds good

  11. Sound's gud pru kung cnu ung nag papatupad ng batas cla pa ung d sumusunod sa ipina patupad nila like me

  12. Dapat sa Riyadh din almost 18-19 hrs ang trabaho with out rest.

  13. Dapat sa Riyadh din almost 18-19 hrs ang trabaho with out rest.

  14. Bullshit
    ..they didnt follow that law…specially my employer and even my agency didnt care bout this…fadilla al ali was one of the worst agencies here in kuwait…they didnt emplement this law…

  15. It will not be enforced
    and if u complain u will lose your job

  16. I think a small portion of employers don't pay in full or don't follow rules. We hear of cases about the poor workers getting scammed or treated unfairly. Word spreads like fire. But news about thousands of worker getting paid in full, on time is boring news. So it never spreads. Most people are not evil. But evil people make much noise. I hope this rule will stop those evil people.

  17. Janice Ho says:

    Insaallah becomes true at mbigyan nman ng kunting ksayahan at klayaan ang mga tulad nmin ofw

  18. Good news for the DH but most of the employers not following the rules what is the punishment of those not people not followed the new rules.?


  20. halos trabajo dito 16 to 17 huors ala payan rest…diridiritso

  21. sana patupad nayan.baka di naman nila yan sudin.di nga sumosunod ramadan my mga alaga akong kumakain.wAAaa

  22. If they will not follow this law, what is their punishment?

  23. The house driver is driving without free , if ask about matter may be punish . If housemaid wake up at 5 o' clock early morning she must sleep at 1 o' clock night. where should be complaint this? If complaint problem will increase to the housemaid . The goats also don't sleep in the bedroom of drivers. The middle educationists seats as driver and pay very low salary. All these cruelty happening not by Arabs it happening by colonized Arabs. Can make any awareness on the employees working here?

  24. இந்த சட்டத்தை யார் மதிப்பது விட்டுச்சாரதிக்கு ஓய்வில்லாத ஓட்டம் .அதைக் கேட்டால் சில நேரம் தண்டிக்கவும் கூடும்.
    வீட்டுவேலைக்காரி காலை 5 எழும்பினால் இரவு 1மணிக்குத்தான் தூங்க வேண்டும் .இதை எங்கே முறையிடுவது.முறையிட்டால் பிரச்சினை வேலக்காரிக்கே.சாரதிகளுக்கு கொடுத்து இருக்கும் அறைகள் ஆடுகளும் படுக்காது. படிப்புக் குறைவானவர்களை கொண்டு வந்து சாரதி அனுமதிப்பத்திரத்தை இவர்களின் சலுகை மூலமாக கொடுத்து சம்பளம் மிகவும் குறைவாகவே கொடுக்கின்றார்கள்.இது நடப்பது இந்த நாட்டு அரபிகளால் அல்ல இங்கு குடியேறி வந்தவர்கள் .இவர்களைப் பற்றிய விழிப்புணர்வு ஏதும் இங்கே இருக்கும் வேலையாட்களுக்கு ஊட்ட முடியாதா??..

  25. At kht nsa kuntrata ndi nla pinatutupad ang day off dto

  26. Bkt s kuwait lng dpt dto din s riyadh almost 16 hours ang trbho nmin dto alang phnga dpt mlman din nla inuumaga n kmi s pgttrbho ndi din spat ang pgkain

  27. InshaAllah the imployer will follow this rules

  28. But what the policy of does employers not obeying this low, I need the answer to make this low stronger and all the domestic here in Middle East can hold there right. Thank you.

  29. Kuwait government have there own justice… But wen the employer not respect the policy of the government the are useless… Most of the employees in Kuwait specialy they not give a salary… most are not make their responsibilities. I don't know if all employees are follows. Allah kareem

  30. I'm glad to hear this. Thank you.

  31. Napakaganda sana kung totoong mangyari to..but hindi namn sila tumupad sa rules eh…
    Dapat sana pag may new law dapat lahat ng worker papuntahin sa embassy kasama ang amo at ipapatupad ung mga nasa law
    Kung anu ang dapat sa mga ofw domestic helper…
    Nasa law ang tama kasulatan lang pero d nmn yan natutupad…at d rin tinutupad sa mga employer.dapat sa embahada ipatawag ung lahat ng worker at isakatuparan ang lahat ng to…tiis parin kami gang ngayun..

  32. DapatDapat tlga may seminar ang employers bgo kumuha ng Lada make. kc Hindi cla nkkaintindi ng batas.ang alam nla magtrabaho lng sa knila. wala cla pakialam kung pagod ka na..lalo na ramadan halos 4 hrs lng tulog ko. wala nman khit hadiya pagkatapos.

  33. They should strongly implement the law and not just a hearsay….lots of local here in kuwait don't even care about their workers. Hoping that They will follow the new law.

  34. Tang ina hnd nga binabayaran o.t mga punyeta kayo

  35. Tang ina hnd nga binabayaran o.t mga punyeta kayo

  36. Sounds good,,but sad to say most of employeer tjey didnt follow that rule,,just like me i work during mormal days 18 to 20 hours a day no rest in day,,without day off even once a month,,
    All around of working,,so how kuwait goverment can solve this??

  37. Sounds good,,but sad to say most of employeer tjey didnt follow that rule,,just like me i work during mormal days 18 to 20 hours a day no rest in day,,without day off even once a month,,
    All around of working,,so how kuwait goverment can solve this??

  38. It's good to hear that there is a new approved New Law for Domestic Housemaid like me….but the problem is could it be implemented….or just a Law that written on paper that the employers will not follow….
    Most of the employers here are not doin there obligation to there household workers…

  39. Wow that's great! We really appreciate who thought and implemented this law/rule to be fair and to avoid problems between employer and employee. Bravo kuwait government who made ths agreement!

  40. That'. AVery good news but its not followed here in Kuwait most in whole middle east I think must better they will implement rules and law regarding right amount should pay for the housemaid.

  41. Hopefully sana may susunod…

  42. We hope its true.. and they will follow the law.. because some of the employer's are not following on the contract…. all gadget like cellphone is not allowed.or even day off. how to communicate our family..??? Hope so it's effectively…

  43. Kmi po 70kd lng sahod 16hrs pang nagbabantay s mga bta.

  44. How about the servant almost 15 or 20 year working in one employer have we benifits for them if we want to retired…

  45. Naku.. posible.. dapat jan seminar ang employeer bedorw sila bigyan ng maids at magsign ng documents papers n susundin nila ang LAW at kung hindi nila sundin yun hindi n dapat sila karapat dapat n bigyan ng katulong dahil sa hindi nila pagsunod sa batas.. dapta yan ang nakasulat sa papers na ipapirma sa mga employeers..

  46. Naku.. Nga nga. ….for sure.. Nd.. to tutuparin ng mga employer…. Sa kitid ng pag iisip nila….. Wag na umasa… Kadalasan Sa mga tao dito… Kina count nila…. Un lht ng bagay. …at.. Nanunumbat pa….. Haaay.. Nlng… Puro post LNG yn. .kulang Sa gawa..

  47. Inshallah, the employers follow the rules…and hope so na matupad na po yan…

  48. I hope it will be come true and effcetible for everyone

  49. I hope it will be come true and effcetible for everyone

  50. Hmmm I will never expect this rules kuwaity they are not following the rules…but hope so some of them are follow this law…in shaa allah

  51. Hmmm I will never expect this rules kuwaity they are not following the rules…but hope so some of them are follow this law…in shaa allah

  52. Kahit na ipatupad p ito hindi na tlga ako babalik dito sobrang kitid ng utak nla at hindi k nla hinahayaan mag explain dapat nga tlga may seminar cla bgo cla kumuha ng kadama yn p isa nlang ipatupad kc kulang cla sa pinag aralan tlga. Dpat bgi cla kumuha ng kadama seminar muna require dpat yan

  53. …as if they will follow that…

  54. Wow very good law for domestic labour. Thanks Allah and thanks who given permission this law.Thanks everybody.

  55. Bobo mga tao dito kitid utak basta work ka kahit mamatay kp basta work ks grrrrr

  56. Kuwaiti not follow rules

  57. Makikitid ang utak ng kuwaiti…. dapat yan may seminars yang mga yan eh para alam nila ung mga rules between kadama and eployeers….

  58. If its true ? The question is would the employers follow this law , because its so imposible to them.

  59. It gives hope but reality majority employers neglect laws in Shaa Allah da law come to actions most of we shall benefit . In shaa ALLAH

  60. Even its true 90% Kuwaiti will never follow the rules.

  61. Great Step by Kuwait.God Bless

  62. If it is already implemented here in kuwait.. what if the employeer will not follow that? I know mostly of them will not follow that..same as the salary.. when we get the OEC it is being stated the new salary of the filipino, and the employeer will sign it.. but when the time come that they are about to give your salary, they refuse to give the amount that they signed in our new contract. If it is a law they should follow..I hope so kuwaiti should follow that

  63. Milame Yan says:

    Thanks god if its true but most of the employer never follow the rules,,um working here more than two yrs without day off,,just 110 my salary,i work 16 to 17hrs a day..

  64. That's good to hear but most of employers are not following the rules so what can we do. It should be the government survey on how many employers are following their rule.

  65. alhamdulillah…..good news

  66. I believe that the Labour LAW in Kuwait is a law and must be implemented, this is the very very good example for the country in middle east like Kuwait to have this Law not only for the assurance of the salaries of the domestic helpers but also it helps them for their security and safety. More power for the implementing bodies.

  67. Wow really 'great news

  68. Alhamdulillah…..Insha Allah it's true…

  69. I hope its true and it's a gud news for all

  70. That's a real great news ! Hopefully it's true.

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