Kuwait deported 14 more people

June 12, 20160

Kuwait is deporting 14 more beggars after they were caught asking for money near places of worship.

The interior ministry, acting on a warning to name and shame the beggars and their sponsors, published their pictures, names, nationalities, ages and where they were arrested. In some instances, the amount of money found in their possession was also mentioned in the statement issued late on Friday.

The age varied between 62 years and only eight years — a girl caught begging with a 25-year-old relative, most likely her mother. The nationalities included Jordanians, Egyptians, a Lebanese and a Pakistani. Some of the beggars did not have a nationality, likely being from the Bidoon — stateless people residing in Kuwait. The media department at the interior ministry said that legal measures were being taken and specified that those who are deported will not be allowed back into Kuwait under any circumstances.

The sponsors who were summoned to be informed about the beggars would be not allowed to sponsor anyone in Kuwait regardless of the reasons.

On Wednesday, Kuwait took legal action against 20 beggars caught in various areas of the northern Arabian Gulf state.

Kuwait had warned of a zero-tolerance approach to begging in the country, particularly during Ramadan when the activity becomes a lucrative business for those who take advantage of the more pious and generous character of the people.

The interior ministry said it would be strict in granting visit visas to ensure that foreigners do not take advantage of the holy month to enter Kuwait and engage in begging.

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