Four heroes of Abbasiya , Kuwait

December 8, 20140

4medThe 4 heroes of Abbasiya who risked their lives and saved many innocent people who were trapped inside the building.  The fire took place in Abbasiya on 28th Nov 2014 around 7 pm. Many people had been gathered including the security guard of the building near the scene but as usual, no one dared to do anything. But, these 4 youngsters of Abbasiya Osama Vahid, Adil Hassan, Sumith Simon and Alan Rajan. Who were in “holy sweets” drinking coffee which is near to the building. They were the one to inform the fire station and before the firefighter could arrive they went inside the building to rescue the victim of this incident. These young heroes were also hospitalized because they have inhaled a lot of smoke and it was difficult for them to breathe.

Written by shaheen sayyed
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