What is social distancing?

March 20, 20200 Comments

Social distancing is the thing we should be doing, and by we, I mean everyone. 

Exact advice varies, but it does include things like: Working from home if possible; travelling only when necessary, especially on public transport or for overseas trips; avoiding social venues like cinemas and clubs; avoiding gatherings of large groups of people; restricting visitors; and, if you do go out in public, maintaining a safe distance from others – usually around two metres.

Since coronavirus is spread mainly through respiratory droplets (especially when people cough or sneeze), maintaining a bit of distance will help to decrease the spread of the virus. 

Social distancing aims to reduce the amount of interaction people have while allowing them to carry out their necessary day-to-day activities. It also helps reduce the chances of picking the virus up and then spreading it to others.

These measures are especially important for people at higher risk of severe disease if they get coronavirus. This might include the elderly, especially those over 70, people with significant long-term medical problems like lung disease, heart disease, weak immune system, diabetes, neurological problems, kidney disease; and pregnant women.

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