MOI to place Total curfew in Farwaniya, Jleeb and Mahboula

April 5, 20208 Comments

The Ministry of the Interior has received instructions to implement a ban on 3 areas namely Farwaniya, Jleeb, and Mahboula. The people in these areas will be only permitted to roam within specific times the implementation plan is likely to start tomorrow evening.

The source confirmed that the Ministry of Interior has begun to define all exits and entrances to the areas that will be covered by the ban so that exit and entry to and from will be prohibited except for only those who have permits.

The source pointed out that the exit and entry points will be assigned to the special forces, the rescue and the traffic, and therefore patrols will be conducted periodically in those areas to compel the residents to stay in their homes.

On the timing of the ban and the date of implementation, the source said that they were waiting for further clarifications in this regard within the coming hours.

As for whether there are other regions that will be covered by the regional ban the source said that so far only these three regions are on mind but not others until further notice.

Source: Arabtimes

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  1. Zak Nazif says:

    I am 61 years old Canadian Citizen living by myself in Mahboula.
    What do I need to do to receive food supplies, as per the instructions?

  2. Shariff says:

    It is true 🤔? When starts lockdown?

  3. Mohammad Yahya says:

    Share the link or reference from MOI for this News

  4. Caridad murcilla says:

    Hello sir.. How about sir if you go to hospital you have appointment. How can you go to hospital if ban your place.. Please advice me where I go. because I have appointment in the hospital in kuwait canser center in sabah on April 9 and 17abril..thank you

  5. Bablukumar says:

    Sir I living in mahaboula so how come in farwaniya in date 11april there all cufew areas tell me

  6. Ed Vergel Manzon says:

    Can I ask if how about for those resident that is traveling or needs to travel because their work/job is outside of the said 3 places that is going to have a total ban.. but they are still following strictly the curfew hours ( 5pm to 4am )

  7. George says:

    If total lockdown or 24 hours curfew;

    1) where we will get our food and rental payment for rooms?
    2) who will give us?

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