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The increase in the number of unknown coronavirus infections which are (under epidemiological investigation) and those who have contacted the virus during the past two days has given rise to the issue of extending the partial curfew hours and the possibility of isolating some areas inhabited by expatriates particularly the densely populated areas, reports Al-Rai daily.

This issue is on the table of the concerned authorities who are finding ways to battle the virus through several options which are at their disposal.

On Friday and Saturday, the Ministry of Health recorded 57 direct infection cases and 70 contracted the virus from unknown sources. The daily quoting sources said the government and ministerial committees are discussing all possibilities and have developed more than one scenario to deal with the situation.

This includes imposing a total ban in some areas which is believed to have economic and security impact when it comes to providing food and security for expatriate workers living in these areas.

The sources added in the event of total curfew in densely populated expatriate areas, it will require the government to provide complete food and health supplies to the residents of these areas if the government decides a total lockdown of these areas which may cost the government KD 3 million per month.

The sources added, however, the alternative may be allowing the workers to buy their basic needs from cooperatives and grocery shops in respective areas at specific time, but again there is a fear of expatriates gathering in one place to buy their needs from the food centers and may lead to chaos and stampede.

Source : Arabtimes


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  1. Please increase curfew, growing to. Much Coronavirus.

  2. ishfaq khawaja says:

    total lockdown is hours need
    this is the only option which can help government to trace out the covid positive cases more easily rather than present implemented partial curfew which is useful upto some extinct but unless there is not 24 hours curfew its not possible to tackle the situation in Normal way.

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