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new 2Located in Al Rai district, The Avenues project is the largest and most prestigious retail project in Kuwait and one of the most renowned shopping destinations in the region with over 850 stores and a parking capacity accommodating over 8500 vehicles. With 3 colossal phases already open to public, Phase 4/4B extends the collaboration between Gensler and Pace, to design an additional floor area of 222,000 sqm.

The client envisions the project to be a place where elegance and grandeur come together to offer elite brand names, entertainment facilities, restaurants and cafes. This has indeed come to fruition in phases 1, 2 and 3, phase 4 will comprise luxury retail, hospitality, public areas and car park.

The Avenues blends tradition and modernity; the innovative architecture and retail concepts of open streets – set under an ETFE roof – has established a new concept in retail design in the Arab world.

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Numerous environmental studies have been carried out during the design such as traffic and noise impact, energy modeling and wind tunnel modeling. These studies improved vehicular access, conserved energy, improved interior environments and had more efficient use of water and other services.

LED lighting reduces heat emissions and offers low energy control. Materials were sourced from local sustainable suppliers wherever possible to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the building.

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The Avenues stands as an iconic symbol of growth and visionary advancement towards the future. The project thus far has enhanced the national economy by securing engineering and construction jobs in its various industries. new 4The implementation of a project of this size and calibre has invested highly in the expertise of many locals and expats – reaching over 30,000 staff positions – ranging from architects and civil engineers to inspectors, labourers and trainees from around the globe.

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    Kindly send me the newsletter about kurtgeiger London brand opening in the avenues mall phase four

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