Terrorists Supporters arrested in Kuwait

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Terrorists Supporters arrested in Kuwait



1. Abdulkarim Mohammed Salim (Syrian national born in 1962), an arms dealer has a Ukrainian company has been outfitted to buy rockets and shoulder-mounted devices do not wired (is set). 2-Hazem Mohammed Khair Tratri (Syrian national born in 1984) works in one of the companies (has been set). 3-Wael Mohamed Ahmed Baghdadi (an Egyptian national born in 1974), a member of the terrorist organization of Daash (is set). 4. Rakan Munir Nasser Al-Ajmi, a (Kuwaiti citizen born in 1988) and he was doing to provide support for the accused in their terrorist acts (is set). 5-Nasser Mahmoud Shawa (Syrian national born in 1987) (is set). Confessions also revealed the existence of four other elements are following organization abroad and they are:

1. Hisham Mohammed Gold, an Australian of Lebanese descent (outside the country). 2-Walid Nassif, a Syrian nationality and works at a money changer near the Syrian border, the Turkish city of Urfa (outside the country). Spring went 3-Australian of Lebanese descent (outside the country). 4. Mohammed ruled Tratri (Syrian national born in 1980), and acts as a financial coordination and external communication (outside the country). The referral of the accused who have been caught and seizures to the competent investigating authorities.

The Interior Ministry confirms its intention to continue to deal with any terrorist or extremist attempts trying to threaten the nation’s security and safety of its citizens, calling on everyone to cooperate and build bridges of communication with the competent ministry, including the public interest devices.

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