Solar Power Station Plan in Kuwait

November 26, 20141 Comment


The Abdaliya Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Project was submitted to PTB Higher Committee, as part of an unsolicited proposal. The project will develop the first solar thermal power plant in Kuwait. The total capacity of the power plant will be 280 MW, with a solar contribution of 60 MW. The plant’s utilization of solar energy will contribute to fuel saving.  An additional environmental benefit is that annual CO2 emissions will be 48,000 tons less than that emitted in a conventional plant of comparable capacity. The plant will provide services more efficient than that of a conventional combined cycle power plant, with stable continuous power generation. The feasibility study for the project is currently in being developed.   Source : PTB      

Kuwait is embarking a number of ambitious projects to expand use of alternative energy sources to meet the growing demand for electricity and secure sustainable development. The efforts exerted in this regard are spearheaded by Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) which has recently launched three projects for producing power from renewable energy sources.”The three power projects include a thermal station with a capacity of 50 MW, photovoltaic solar station with capacity of 10 MW and the wind power station with a capacity of 10 MW, Director of the renewable energy program at KISR,” Dr Salem Hajraf told KUNA yesterday. He added that the stations will feed the national electricity grid directly. “These projects or stations will help ease the pressure on the conventional power plants in the summer season,” he said. Source : KuwaitTimes


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