Restaurants and cafes – Fourth phase precautionary measures

August 16, 20200 Comments

Regarding the opening of restaurants and cafes for customers, all previous conditions must be adhered to, with the following commitment:

• The spacing between tables and seating is not less than two meters.
• Checking the temperature for the visitors of the restaurant or café.
• Not allowed to enter those with a temperature above 37.5 degrees.
• Continuous cleaning and disinfection of reusable equipment and tools.
• Providing hand sanitizer in places where visitors are located, especially entrances and cashiers.
• Banning the use of hookah.
• Twice a day major cleaning at the beginning and end of work.
• Use of single-use dishes and utensils.
• Not to place utensils, cutlery, napkins and spices in the dining hall, and they must be presented to customers upon request.
• It is forbidden to keep utensils and cutlery on the table except when the customer is seated.

General requirements
• A distance of not less than two meters between workers
• Separation between desks, chairs and the rest of the furniture
• Preventing gatherings in rest rooms and places of worship
• Prevent eating in the workplace
• Provide indicative panels for spacing.
• Wearing a mask for everyone at all times in the workplace
• Commitment to continuously sterilize frequently used surfaces and bathrooms
• Avoid communication which comes in contact with others also avoid payment such as paper and coins, rely on electronic communication.

Source : Arabtimes

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