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  1. Your blog is make us feel better and spur to make great post.

  2. Thank you Kuwaitup2date for keep us updated with kuwait news and alert we are getting fast news better than others news papers.

  3. Anisa says:

    I’m Anisa from Philippines and i ask help to any one if who’s known this landline number 25226341 if where is this location please i need help to anyone of you find this number location.
    Cos I have a package there number place from Philippines and they are not answering the phone or no one take the phone just ringing when i call of that number i call them at several times but really no one pick the phone..
    Thank you…

  4. Kuwaitup2date most well known page in Kuwait everyone always getting alert and news from it. Thank u

  5. Kuwait up2date is good website to get alot of information and update for kuwait

  6. Amazing … I also tried

  7. Zoheb ZK says:

    What you Got it ?

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