No Salaries for two months

July 1, 201615 Comments

Some cleaning company workers at the Kuwait International Airport organized a sit-in from 8:00 pm onwards and refused to work because they have not been paid their salaries for the past two months, reports Al-Rai daily.

Speaking to the daily, a source at the Airport said some of the company officials met the striking workers for several hours and tried to convince them to work but they failed.

It has been reported, the officials failed to give them any promises that their backdated salaries will be paid.

The workers say they have no other source of income and they solely depend on their salaries for their day to day expenses.

Source : Arabtimes

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  1. These type companies should be closed…proper companies should be given de contracts…who pay de employees on time…n respect their hard work…

  2. Country Big Name but poor Management….

  3. Never, never apply in Diwan Interiors Company, its a contruction and design company, owned by husband and wife egyptian. They are very very bad employer, their salary are always delayed, most of the time 5 months, 4 months without salary. And they hire sub contractor to work on them, it was eid that time and they never pay the poor laborers for their six months salary. One indian laborer, his mother is in critical condition in his country, he wants his salary they never paid for six months, he kneel down in the accounting of that company and crying badly, just to claim his salary unpaid for six months. I cannot forget it. If only i can help that time. They dont give any penny to the man.

  4. Same problem at all companies

  5. Some cleaning agencies ask for 230 kd for the company but they give only 90 kd for the cleaners without off…That's in humane…

  6. Laa illaha illah mohamadur rasullah…. They will not pay here but they will defenetely pay there.

  7. Laa illaha illah mohamadur rasullah…. They will not pay here but they will defenetely pay there.

  8. Prem Dsz says:

    No rules nothing

  9. all cleanig company same

  10. And the cleaning companies happily announces that they profited millions of KD every year.

  11. Not only in airport workers even do in outside.

  12. That is just a tip of iceberg! Some companies in Kuwait, especially cleaning companies tend to misuse their workers.

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