Life sentence for deliberate cross-dressers – Prostitutes Arrested

June 4, 20168 Comments


Member of Parliament Dr Abdulrahman Al-Najran has unveiled his plan to present a proposal to amend the Penal Code in order to toughen punishment for cross-dressers and transgenders including life sentence, reports Al-Wasat daily. In a press statement, Al-Jiran explained there are two types of crossdressers — those born with both male and female sexual organs (hermaphrodites) and there is no punishment for them since their condition is inborn.

The other type includes those who are naturally and mentally mature, but prefer to appear and behave like the opposite sex in all characteristics and this is considered a perverse act which should not be dealt with leniently. Al-Jiran pointed out that whoever is proven to be suffering from personality disorder should be referred to the Psychiatric Hospital where he will be given the appropriate medication and a report about his condition.

He disclosed the report will be presented to the concerned authority to determine if the person is willing to undergo treatment or not. If the person is reluctant, he will be referred to the Public Prosecution again, the lawmaker added. The proposal shall include stipulations on the extension of detention period, referral to the Psychiatric Hospital, and tougher punishment — up to life sentence for repeat offenders, Al-Jiran concluded.

Source : Arabtimes

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  1. Being expatriat we should respect thier law and we know it…

  2. Yes, push through this law if Kuwait wants to become even more backward then it currently is. If the Kuwait government is not treating its residents like morons or naughty children, now they want to imprison individuals who are already in a terrible situation and make their lives even more difficult. Try prosecuting all the individuals who beat, rape and steal, Kuwaiti's or not. Human rights, what's that says Kuwait? The discrimination in this country would not be tolerated In any modern cosmopolitan city or country. This country needs to grow up

  3. why not kill also those citizen who rape thier worker….the law only for gulay

  4. Better start from their citizens with honesty, fair and square judgement, next with expats with the privilage and undergo non-violence due process with full respect to humanity and rights.

  5. They not kill nobody…leave them alone…catch those who treating our lives here

  6. These is good decision,pushed it through ?…….

  7. Alex Zakka says:

    Go for it mate, Good luck!

  8. Fuck! Not good system! Better report to UN this kind of issue.

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