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The 2nd Annual Carnival will kick off today Thursday effectively at Noon and for a period of 17 days in all different districts at The Avenues, featuring a group of international street show performers from nine different nationalities to include Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

With 18 different trained professionals, these street performers will master their busking carnival shows to include an array of acts such asliving statues, physical and improvisation comedy, a silent comedy performance, bucket drumming, Flamenco musical comedy, acrobatic and juggling performance, in addition to other street buskers and walkabout artists filled with multi-talented skills to amuse their audience.


The 2nd Annual Carnival, organized by The Avenues management, is a major summer event aimed at attracting and entertaining a wider audience and their families at The Avenues, which is benchmarked as one of the world’s largest shopping and leisure destination. The 2nd Annual Carnival is also a continuation of The Avenues organized events which amused all visitors ever since the remarkable success achieved in last year’s Carnival.


An opportunity of targeting various different ages, all visitors and their families can now enjoy the buskers live performances within The Avenues many different districts, with 23 acts per day, reaching a total of 330 acts with total duration of 586 hours showcasing various street performances during the 17 days Carnival event.


“We are extremely delighted to organize the 2nd Annual Carnival and entertain our enticed audience here at The Avenues especially after last year’s Carnival remarkable success.” The Avenues management said. “We continuously seek new trends and ideas to ensure our visitor’s ultimate shopping and leisure experience during their time spent at The Avenues.”


It added, “Our in-mall activities throughout the year is based on a thoroughly planned calendar of events in addition to feedbacks we receive from conducted surveys determining our visitors taste and preference towards achieving their utmost experience here at The Avenues.”


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  1. Fantastic! So great to see this festival doing so well.

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