Indian held with 67 bottles of local liquor

May 6, 20160 Comments

An Indian expatriate was arrested in Mirqab area in possession of 67 bottles of locally manufactured liquor. According to security sources, Capital securitymen were patrolling Mirqab area when they noticed a man who became nervous as soon as he saw them.

They stopped him for questioning and prevented him from fleeing. They checked his details and discovered he is an Indian expatriate. They checked him to find 67 bottles of locally manufactured liquor.

When questioned, he confessed that he was planning to sell each bottle for around KD 8-10 to his clients in the area. He was referred with the liquor bottles to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action against him.

Meanwhile, Ahmadi securitymen arrested two Kuwaitis riding their motorbikes in a disoriented condition in Ahmadi. The officers ordered the suspects to pull over for routine check and it was at that point that the officers realized the suspects were intoxicated.

The suspects tried to resist but the officers overpowered them. The suspects were then referred to the relevant security unit and a case was registered at Ahmadi Police Station while their motorbikes were confiscated.

Source : Arabtimes

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