Indian embassy steps in protect rights of housemaids in Kuwait

November 6, 20147 Comments

As women too begin joining the Punjabi workforce in Kuwait to work as housemaids, the Indian embassy has stepped in to ensure that the recent incidents of women being denied their basic rights are checked. As a step in this direction, prospective sponsors will have to give a bank guarantee of a sum equivalent to US $ 2,500 for employing an Indian woman domestic servant.Though women from southern states have always looked at working as house maids in the Middle East as a viable option, the trend has begun to catch up in Punjab as well in recent years.

An official spokesperson said the government of India has decided that the prospective sponsors should give a bank guarantee. The application for domestic worker agreement will be accepted with original bank guarantee for US $ 2,500 for period of three years with automatic roll over, by the sponsor.

The bank guarantee will have to be submitted in original to the embassy of India. On termination of the employment contract at any time by mutual consent, the employer will bring the domestic worker to the embassy of India, Kuwait and submit a written request for refund of the bank guarantee before the final departure of the domestic worker to India. The domestic worker would require confirming in writing that all her dues have been settled. In case the domestic worker complains of non-receipt of her dues, the embassy would deduct the same from the bank guarantee, said the official.

Source : IndianTimes

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  1. nice finally took good decision. nice job thanks

  2. Sana India says:

    good job…thank u sir

  3. Ya… But luckily Kuwait is not issuing anymore maid visas for Indians 🙂

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