Gang-raped 16 yr old boy

March 1, 201610 Comments

As per Arabtimes16-year-old GCC boy sustained injuries in different parts of his body when five persons beat and sexually assaulted him inside a camping site in Salmi.

Initial investigations revealed one of the suspects — the boy’s friend — invited him to the camping site where they were supposed to have dinner and play. However, when they reached the site, the victim was surprised when his friend asked him to take off his clothes. His refusal prompted the appearance of four other persons and all five took turns in beating him. They then removed his clothes and raped him.

When the boy returned home, he narrated the incident to his father who went to a nearby police station with a medical report showing the injuries and other marks of beating and rape on the boy’s body. The victim provided police with detailed description of the suspects,

one of whom have been arrested and referred to the Criminal Evidence Department. Investigations are ongoing to arrest the other suspects.

Source : Arabtimes


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  1. Abu u are the most disgraceful person advocating rape for a women who bought u on this earth to say this.# FAIL# FAIL

  2. Moiz Javed says:

    Rusha Khan .. chacha jazbati hogye thay.. let it go.

  3. Wow dumbest most ignorant comment raping a girl is acceptable? So if someone raped you mom , daughter , sister or wife that's okay

  4. Rusha Khan I didn't mean it's the right thing to do or advocating guys to do it but it's at least it's more natural for a man to have a feeling for a woman whether he marries, or have some kind of a relationship and might have made sense. Rape is not acceptable in all senses but let's be brutally honest. If a young man who isn't married rapes a girl we know what the Islamic Sharia says and the punishment, but if he rapes a boy first of all it's unnatural, and you can not simply compare this two different disgusting criminal acts, one carries the death penalty while the other doesn't. One is legally allowed by marriage and that's why we don't marry men but rather a woman. Hope you understand crystal clear what I was trying to say.

  5. Rusha Khan says:

    Did you just say raping a girl is understandable? I think YOU should be starved to death too. You are everything that is wrong with today's world. Shame on you!

  6. Subhan-allah is this what our young generation are doing to each other. I mean raping a girl is understandable but raping a boy and doing all those filthy disgusting things is absolutely unacceptable. In my humble opinion I think they should be starved to death. Put them behind bars and leave them to rot and die a miserable death and don't even bury them and throw their remains on waste dumping sites. It will be a lesson to the others who harbour homosexuality in the minds.

  7. Those perpetrators are not humans! They are monsters!

  8. Amina Lapu says:

    why some people doing this things to the others.what the benefits they well get!it horrible

  9. Why must it be kuwaiti boys ?

  10. must be Kuwait boys !!!

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