Gang arrested

August 16, 20160 Comments

A group of 28 Ethiopians was arrested for running a bogus domestic workers office.


Ministry of Interior’s Public Relations and Security Media Department explained in a press release that the General Department for Residency Affairs had received information from a known source about a group of Ethiopians running an illegal domestic workers office where they were sheltering runaway domestic workers and were providing them with work in other places.

A team of officers was immediately formed for investigations. After confirming the information and taking necessary legal measures, the officers raided the office and arrested 28 Ethiopians. During interrogations, it was discovered that the suspects have been encouraging domestic workers to run away from their sponsors.

They were then provided shelter in the office and offered work in other places. The officers checked the details of the workers and discovered that they were reported as absconding and were involved in other cases. The suspects were referred to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action.

Source : Arabtimes

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