Fake Doctor Raped the Filipino

December 6, 20160 Comments

Fake Doctor Raped the Filipino


An Egyptian expatriate raped a 25-year old Filipina woman four times after claiming he is a doctor and demanding to carry out medical examination on her. According to security sources, the 25-year old Filipina went to Farwaniya Police Station and reported that she was raped.

She explained to securitymen that she was working as a housemaid in the flat of an Egyptian expatriate when the latter caught hold of her hand and demanded to carry out her medical examination.

When she tried to escape, he hit her, pushed her into the bedroom and raped her four times. When she left the flat, she rushed to the police station to report the incident. The suspect was arrested. When questioned, he confessed to raping the victim. Necessary action was taken against him.

Source : Arabtimes

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