Coronavirus cases in Kuwait as of 17.04.2020

April 17, 20200 Comments

Related to travel 3 
3 cases of Kuwaiti nationals related to travel to ( United Kingdom, Iran, K.S.A) 

Cases in contact 126 
4 cases of Kuwaiti nationals, 63 cases of Indian residents, 20 cases of Egyptian residents, 14 cases of Bangladeshi residents, 4 cases of Nepali residents, 4 cases of Pakestani residents, 3 cases of Philippine residents, 3 cases of Srilankan residents, 2 cases of N.K residents, 1 case from each country ( K.S.A U.S.A, United Kingdom, Jordan, Iranian, China, Afghanistan, Comoros, Cameron). 

Other cases 5 
3 cases of Kuwaiti nationals, 1 case of Bangladeshi resident,1 case of Indian resident 

16 cases critical, 16 cases stable. Kuwaiti national, 58 years old. last 24 hours: 2 deaths and 2 cases Iranian resident, 69 years old. 
transfered to I.C.U. 

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