Bachelor homes and industrial areas to be raided in illegals hunt

July 6, 20182 Comments

Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior Lieutenant General Essam Al-Naham has been paying special consideration to the file of residency violators, as their numbers have reached 120,000, reports Al-Qabas daily.

According to informed sources, Lieutenant General Al-Naham has made this issue top of the security priorities, with the aim of bringing an end to this phenomenon within a short period through a definite strategy. The total number of residency violators had reached 120,000, as per recent statistics. About 57,000 of them took advantage of the amnesty which had ended in April 2018.

The sources affirmed that an extensive meeting will be held within a few days with commanders of all field security departments and other relevant officials in order to prepare a plan for raiding areas where residency violators hide, highlighting about the ongoing coordination aimed at identifying these locations.

They said campaigns will be launched targeting residency violators and individuals wanted for their involvement in different types of lawsuits. The sources insisted that the strategy in this regard will be more effective than the previous ones which had not managed to meet the targets as they should have. They explained that the campaigns will be held in industrial areas as well as private housing areas where many expatriate bachelors reside.

After arresting the violators, their sponsors will be contacted in order to submit the violators’ passports and pay for the flight tickets required for deporting the violators. If the sponsors refuse to cooperate, their files in the residency department will be blocked. The sources urged all citizens and residents to avoiding offering shelter to violators of law, so that they are not exposed to legal responsibility.

Source : Arabtimes

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  1. Raheem says:

    Why not just let people keep their passports so if they need to leave the country, they can just buy a plane and leave? I never understood that about the Middle East, taking peoples passports for no reason is a crime all over the world except the Middle East… that needs to change

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