Accommodation for workers in Kuwait ( Article 34 )

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The employer, who contracts for the execution of a government project or who employs his workers in remote areas, shall be obliged to provide them with a suitable accommodation and means of transportation is provided, the employer shall pay them as appropriate accommodation allowance. The Minister shall, by means of resolution, determine the areas that are distant from urban development, the conditions of suitable accommodation and the accommodation allowance.

In all other events where he is required to provide accommodation for his workers, the employer shall be subject to the provisions of the resolution referred to in the preceding paragraph concerning the conditions of suitable accommodation and determining the accommodation allowance.

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  1. in kuwait labor law,,,how mch the exact minimum wage,,,,

  2. It is a violation of your workers right. You must file a complaint to the ministry of social affairs. It is disgusting how employers can over work and under pay

  3. Ikrams Kwt says:

    best idea go to back your country , find there job and be cool

  4. What about family accommodation the agency (pollen consultancy) promised before we came to kuwait.The company (ATC) is avoiding the situation.

  5. I need some idea from 1 of working in salon in 2 years from duty time 9 to 9..they always cut my salary every month..and all holidays im the one paid my aqama and visa..i have right to complain my problem in sho un..the friend of my employer always coming here in salon smoking cigerate.and to much tiered my salary only is 110kd with out not realy enough for me..please i need your some idea…whats the best things i can do for my problem now..allah kareem

  6. There are lot of violations by employers in providing accommodation to expatriate workers

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