51.8 percent of expats are illiterates in Kuwait

December 17, 20170 Comments

Al-Kandari highlighted the negative impact of population imbalance on national security and stability of the society.

He said, “According to statistics issued by Ministry of Interior, most of the individuals involved in crimes are expatriates especially when it comes to drug peddling. On the other hand, the rate of drug usage is higher among citizens”.

Al-Kandari went on to say that the main problem is that most of the expatriates are marginal laborers. He referred to a statistics as per which only 11.13 percent of the expatriates are highly educated while 51.8 percent of them are illiterates.

Al-Kandari lamented about political instability in the country, revealing that 15 governments have been formed since 2006.

Source : Arabtimes

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