13 violations to lose your driving license

May 27, 20190 Comments

Director of Hawally Police Department Colonel Rashid Al-Hajri has enumerated 13 violations which will lead to the withdrawal of driving licenses, clarifying the car registration book will not be withdrawn permanently, reports Al-Anba daily.

He disclosed these violations include
1: Over speeding,
2: Beating the red light,
3: Reckless driving,
4: Driving in reverse on highways,
5: Deliberate disruption of traffic movement and obstructing roads,
6: Car racing,
7: Transporting others in exchange for a fee,
8: Driving vehicles without plate numbers,
9: Over-driving endangering one’s life and that of others,
10: Driving on the shoulder of the road in prohibited areas, and
11: Driving on the right shoulder of the road

Source : Arabtimes

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