Sex racket arrested run from abroad by a prostitution ring

May 13, 20162 Comments

The security authorities in Kuwait have once more succeeded in busting a sex racket operation run from abroad by a prostitution ring.

The anti-vice squads who were monitoring the operation from the beginning, based on secret information, raided a hotel and arrested a group of Czech prostitutes. The officers confiscated receipts for thousands of Kuwaiti Dinars transferred to their countries, in addition to sex toys.

They were all referred to the to the competent security authorities to face legal procedure. The authorities also caught accomplices who facilitated the entry of the Czech prostitutes into Kuwait, who will be held accountable.

Investigation revealed that the prostitutes were sent by an international prostitution ring to offer sex services in exchange for large sums of money.

The gang, who is based abroad, promotes its business on social media websites, and uses an international mobile phone to fix up appointments with customers and agree on the details.

Source : GDN Online

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  1. Great work Kuwait Police .

  2. Niju John says:

    Hats off to kuwait police doing good job

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