10,000 Filipinos living illegally in Kuwait

August 27, 20170 Comments

The Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait, Renato Pedro Villa said some 10,000 Filipinos are living illegally in Kuwait,

including 8,000 domestic workers who have fled their sponsors and pointed to the presence of about 60 Filipinos at the labor center, some of them are accused of illegitimate pregnancies, reports Al-Rai daily.

He told the Al-Rai daily about 265,000 Filipinos live in Kuwait most of whom are employed in beauty parlors and household work. He denied what has been circulated by social media that the government in the Philippines intends to stop sending domestic workers to Kuwait.

The ambassador lamented on Kuwait’s reluctance to hire nurses from his country to work in the government hospitals, affirming that, he will continue his efforts with the government of Kuwait to ensure more Filipino nurses are hired by Ministry of Health, although a majority of them are already employed by the private hospitals.

Source : Arabtimes

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