Sex for KD 5 in Khaitan, 3 women and 1 man arrested

May 9, 201614 Comments

Three expatriate sex workers and a pimp was arrested from a vice den in Khaitan area, reports Al-Anba daily.

When Farwaniya securitymen received information about immoral activities being carried out in a flat in Khaitan area, they conducted investigations to confirm the information and obtained a warrant from the Public Prosecution.

They raided the flat and arrested the three women and the man. When questioned, the women confessed that they provide flesh pleasure to their clients and charge KD 5 from each of them.

They were referred with the pimp to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action.

Source : Arabtimes

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  1. Mamun says:

    I need Women

  2. Good one this page,
    Now we know what
    Happening inside

  3. Ibrahim Mohammed r u name sake muslim? u r reply shows u dont know the path of ur Prophet,,,,"dear brothers of other faith I apologise for comments passed by this ignorant muslim,his reply shows he is no way connected to his religion

  4. Eyay Totot says:

    Mr.Ibrahim Mohammed if you are in this page for being idiot please my dear leave this page,maybe your educated but don't have manner..

  5. It is not the question of nationality. It is crime happened. You want to know then go to police for enquiry

  6. Helal Alhelal maybe from your country or maybe even one of them is ur sister . How is that feel when someone answer in the same way ? Never point ur finger to anyone dear and Ethiopeans put them on ur head.

  7. Ibrahim Mohammed maybe yours check if she is there

  8. Eyay Totot says:

    Good day Kuwait Updates I was your liker for almost 2years I'm from Philippines I'm glad that I read some of what happening inside this country but please be specific of each news,same like this one the accusing that this is a Filipino woman.

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