Rethink on health fees for expats

February 27, 20180 Comments

Minister of Health Sheikh Dr Basel Al-Sabah said the government has proposed re-evaluation of health fees for expatriates. Asked about the study on the negative and positive aspects of the fee increase, the minister confirmed a committee has been formed to conduct the study and prepare a report on the new fees stipulated in decision numbers 293 and 294/2017. He explained the re-evaluation will be based on the comments and questions raised by hospitals and health centers.

Meanwhile, MP Adel Al- Damkhi has affirmed that the National Assembly succeeded in playing its supervisory role and it is now heading towards issuing “quality legislation” through the amendment of some laws enacted by the previous legislature. “These amendments are important, considering there is no shortage in legislation and the problem lies in the implementation,” he added.

On the performance of the Assembly, Al-Damkhi disclosed the lawmakers focused on more on the oversight aspect of their functions at the beginning of the term and they are now working on the legislative side. He pointed out the previous legislature passed many laws “but we will amend some of these laws due to their negative impact on Kuwait’s image; such as the Juveniles, DNA, National Human Rights, Pre-Trial Detention and Public Tenders laws.”

He claimed the media laws ratified by the previous legislature restrict freedom, including the Electronic Media Law (cyber crime) and many others. On another issue, the Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee rejected the proposal to amend Article Four of National Human Rights Commission Law number 67/2015, stating that approval of the National Assembly is not required in the appointment of the commission’s president and his deputy.

The committee argued the proposal calls for the amendment of the aforementioned article; so the appointment of the board members of the commission shall be through an Amiri decree based on the nomination of the Council of Ministers, while the president and vice-president are appointed without obtaining approval from the National Assembly. The proposal is aimed at rectifying a constitutional flaw in appointing the above mentioned officials as it contradicts the separation of powers principle.

Source : Arabtimes

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