Ooredoo launches 150mbps speed internet @OoredooKuwait

March 27, 20159 Comments


Ooredoo Kuwait, part of the international leading group “Ooredoo”, formally announced launching a state-of-the-art 4G+ network and LTE- Advanced today. Ooredoo has upgraded its 4G-LTE network to ‘4G+ SPEED’ in Kuwait, delivering data speeds of up to 150Mbps.  This makes ‘4G+ SPEED’ available to all of Ooredoo Kuwait’s customers on their existing 4G-LTE plans and 4G-LTE handsets or routers.  Customers don’t need to purchase a special handset or router to take advantage of this very fast ‘4G+ SPEED’ network.  There is also no additional charge for Ooredoo Kuwait customers to use the new ‘4G+ SPEED’ network. (Via Arabtimes)

What’s the difference between 4G and 4G Plus?
4G Plus is the new term for the superfast 4G network combining all of the Optus 4G spectrums: 1800MHz, 2300 MHz (previously the only spectrum referred to as “4G Plus”), as well as the 700 MHz and 2600 MHz frequencies which will bring even better 4G coverage and capacity.

What devices work on the 4G Plus Network?
As always, coverage depends on your device and your location. Existing 4G devices will continue to access the 4G Plus Network but coverage will vary depending on what frequencies your device supports. The very latest devices will fully enjoy the 4G Plus network wherever it expands by taking advantage of the 700MHz frequency, which is the main frequency Optus are using to expand the 4G Plus network to reach 90% of the Australian population.


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  1. Kuwait some area not coverage 2G or 3G Ooredoo. Now 150 Mbps…. funny

  2. Trust me it's nice numbers only

  3. Tom Bird says:

    Funny, never get over 10, let alone 100 and now 150.

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