No visit visa for +50 years old

February 16, 201639 Comments

As per ArabtimesAssistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Passports Affairs, Major-General Mazen Al-Jarrah has issued a circular to all concerned departments to stop issuing visit visas to people over 50 years, reports Al-Shahed daily.

The daily added, the decision was taken by Al- Jarrah after seeing a large number of people entering the country to benefit from the free medical services which have negatively affected the health services.

The source added the visit visas will be limited to people of rare professions

Source : Arabtimes


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  1. same rules must b implemented in uk, usa n other european countries.

  2. For on Arrival visa holders even if they born before 1940 no issue they can simply get it for 3 kd.but for us after submitting all necessary visa .because of age factor

  3. A bunch of bull s–t descion makers from 25th february 1960 till date. money can't buy a good brain

  4. Who cares? 50 plus rather visit other countries to spend their valuable time and family matters and yes "MONEY" too…What Govt know how much Seniors spend?

  5. when is this starting?

  6. Is it also for foreign people like American Canadian uk no body come as tourist visa???

  7. Altaf Sha says:

    Every visitor don't come to Kuwait to get benefits from free medical services, by the way what are the best medical services provided in Kuwait? I been worked in Kuwait for 9 years, and during my stay 9 years in Kuwait I never benefited any major medical services except fever and cough. I had piles and when I went to Abu halifa hospital the so called Dr. Said this case will transfer to Al sabha hospital. When I went to Al sabha hospital the Dr. Advised me to get the scissoring surgery immediately when I asked them to make laser surgery the Dr. Said they don't have this facilities, I rejected and went to my home country on emergency vacation and I done laser surgery in my country. We have better medical services than Kuwait in reasonable price, why our parents will visit to Kuwait for the medical services. No need to think that everyone visiting to get free medical services, they are visiting to meet and stay few weeks with their children and relatives only.

  8. Hanan MH Hosny

    I have been coming to kuwait to visit my fiance' there an never once knew of free health care an never once used or expected such, Now they are going to deny me the right to visit thier beautiful country as well as those i love in it……. what a shame !

  9. Why to afghanistan stop visa
    What's a problum…?

  10. People of rare professions means ?

  11. Linda Sham says:

    wow I have over 60 family members in Kuwait and was hoping to visit soon, after living in Kuwait for over 30 years this is a bit unsettling for me

  12. Vasudev CA says:

    The problem is not addressed properly.Stop medical benefits for visit visas except for accidents.

  13. People from kuwait do pay for nhs and private unless they are students reg living with an english family then it is free apart from surgery.

  14. My cousin was seen by the government clinic during her visit from uk.

  15. It's illogical…to stop medical issue government should not provide any free medical assistance free of charge to visitor regrdless of their age except unavoidable circumstances like Accident /heartattac etc…

  16. It's almost the same …. age discrimination

  17. How about the pregnant patients
    If mother age is + 50
    And they can't afford made s
    Please u can charge for medical but what you give us such a bad
    Because of this rules the lot of employees distrub they need to travel
    This easy that we are bringing mother here to take care atleast 1 month after that you have facilities for baby sitting

  18. It's too bad
    We are working here without our parents and we are expecting to they come for us at least for a month and also they want to stop why
    This really bad
    They have family they have mother and father who make this rules
    Please this like will not hive you any benafit accept hurting the people
    Please kindly change this rules
    They are not employed just they will to visit and stay with us
    Don't do this please

  19. I think that the US and the UK should do the same with Kuwaiti visitors. Start imposing the same laws on Kuwaiti travellers and residents. It is getting ridiculous here. Our family members can not come to visit us. What is next? Just stop allowing them to get free medical care while they are here. Big deal. There are enough private medical facilities. If someone was intelligent, they would offer Kuwait traveller medical insurance.

  20. Tath Ramos says:

    that is ridiculous. i dont even intend to seek medical help there. all i want is to visit my son and go shopping huh

  21. I think there should be a correction in news. They say, visit visa is not issueing for the people who born before 1950. Not for the age above 50years. Please confirm it.

  22. A person has money to come Kuwait can afford his own medical there isn't any logic and more ever I would prefer medical in my country India rather than Kuwait . Doesn't makes sense,they are just giving us lame excuses, we can afford medical on our money.

  23. The visit vissa will be limited to people of rare professions: good thing my father is an austronaut, lawyer,and doctor, wich his not.. So no chance of getting him here!!! Piriod !!!! Grrr! Tsk!

  24. I have never known that there is free medical for visitors, and being over 50 doesn't mean some one needs treatment , my sister is 23 and when ever she is he she get bad cold or chest infections while she is just fine n quite healthy back home, we take her to private hospitals n pay full amoynt for it all, and so what if its free for certain cases espcially emergencies , we live in the richest country in the world according to my banker husband , I am not asking them to spend there money on forginers but treating people the way they do is beyond imagination

  25. On visit visa period hospital they are collecting more money for admission and special procedure like ct mri etc….. Then what barring

  26. It is soooo funny~~~ Stupid!!!

  27. Wassim Hussain I agree with you.

  28. because the kwt govt not thing logical

  29. it is very bad dicition i am not agree sir

  30. Because they don't think logical

  31. Such a backward decision instead of just requiring medical travel
    Insurance of visitors, this is really discrimination at its best!

  32. Scott James: Because that would make sense! No free medical to visitors, as is typical all over the world, case closed. Nope, no visitors over the age of 50 punishes everybody rather than the guilty

  33. So my father can't come to visit me now? Why wouldn't you just stop free medical benefits to visitors and make it mandatory for visitors to have travel medical insurance to get a visa?

  34. Is it free medical benefits available to those coming by visit visa?

  35. Is it free medical benefits available to those coming by visit visa?

  36. Is it free medical benefits available to those coming by visit visa?

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