No to French goods

January 28, 201557 Comments


Ahmadi Cooperative Society has sent a circular to all branches affiliated to the cooperative society to ban receiving products made in France from the suppliers, reports Al-Shahed daily. With such a decision, Ahmadi Cooperative Society is the first one to start the campaign of boycotting French products because France offended Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). According to the circular, anyone who violates these instructions will face strict sanctions.

Source : ArabTimes

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  1. Banning, Deportation and fine are the main law in kuwait…

  2. Are you seriously that illiterate?
    Stop spoiling the name of Islam by encouraging this hate towards France .

  3. Jus as I had thought… empty heads

  4. Sue Wooten says:

    Please pardon my lack of comprehension. I would like to understand how France insulted The Prophet. Is it the offensive speech of the publication, or the country's expression of solidarity with their citizens victimized by the terrorism that rocked the country, or both?

  5. Naomi Byng says:

    I have a feeling they won't be boycotting Chanel!

  6. Rauf
    Without technology u can't share ur idea here. Thanx

  7. Quite surprisingly french fries aren't French they originated from Belgium, Nice try there with the sarcasm.

  8. Very nice decision by kuwait good keep it upppppp

  9. This decision will make abig impact not only with Ahmadi Cooperative Society but to all people…. may cause religious argument… innocent people will victims…. better think a million times before makinga decision…. a decision that will benefit all not just one.. May God give everyone wisdom to think of right and good.

  10. Pit Deben says:

    God how ignorant are these comments for support of the ban. Being arabs and muslims, you guys should be the first to know that the actions of a few do not reflect on the many. Its like saying all arabs are terrorists, which is NOT true! So please instead of banning french products, shout out against that horrible magazine.

  11. Pit Deben says:

    Easy to talk when you live in the west.

  12. Pit Deben says:

    So for a few people, blame the whole country. Great thinking.

  13. Go live in a tent. Not all fingers are the same.

  14. omg this banning thing is sooo funny lol

  15. Not all fingers are the same !! This banning thing reason is hilarious

  16. What do you know about religion you imbecile! Holy Qur'an teach not to judge so by no means you will not be judged. Rauf Ahmed in your case you are the one in need to read holy Qur'an. Your attitude is as bad as your face. I respect Islam however I consider you a devil with plenty of horns + a black tail. Stop calling yourself a muslim your such a shame….

  17. Rauf Ahmed Tell that to arabs and diabetic people u nut head. Do u have diabetes. i am sure some one in u r family should be having and using insulin made in denmark . First ask them to stop using it . We are living in 2015 and not 1400. The life style was different then and today. U r giving ridiculous statements and teaching fellow muslims wrong point of view which is extremely counter productive. Tell arabs to stop using insulin and french manufactured life saving medicines . Can they do that.

  18. Calina Dubacs NOVO NORDISK is a denmark based company which manufactures insulin products .ok. Get your facts right

  19. This is one of the smartest comment !!! Thank you

  20. This is the dumbest thing ever! I'm sure not all the owners of french products offended the
    Prophet Muhammad! They have families to feed too! So all french are guilty because of a few people?

  21. To the majority of commenters below, why do you need the company to make your decision on your behalf, if you feel so strongly then make the decision for yourselves and for any other country/regime that may or may not have offended/killed Muslims at some point in the past

  22. Rauf Ahmed says:

    All of u don't know about your creativity and your religion.
    All the religions and prophet,s teach us to respect the other religion.
    Do the respect and get the respect.

  23. simple question…difficult to answer…lol

  24. Rauf Ahmed says:

    Way back 14,000 yrs, there's no product we need, without those products Muslims are still lived, we don't need those kind of products and technologies, for those who don't have respect religion, holy books, and most to the holy Prophet.

  25. Rauf Ahmed says:

    Stupid perfume, we have our own fragrance perfume, we still lived without this stupid perfume from them.

  26. Raj Punith says:

    first of all let them bann french perfumes then see ? you guys not live without perfumes

  27. Rauf Ahmed says:

    Because u don't know about ur on religion.
    Read ur holy book.
    Then u get it.

  28. Rauf Ahmed says:

    Very good decision.
    B a Muslim
    Protest against this publishing.

  29. The ban on coop goods is a srop in the ocean. The list of good should include cars , beauty products, military equipment, medecine, technology….if a point as to be made the do it well…

  30. Barak Allaah Feekum, Wa Antum Fayezeen.Zajakum Allaah Khairun Feedarain.

  31. When you run out of oil we'll still have one of the world's top economies. I wonder what you'll have…

  32. I dont get it!! What is the connection with french food and prophet mohammad????

  33. That's a good decision
    Thanks Ahmadi cooperative society

  34. Insulin was not created in Denmark! Maybe it's time for Kuwait to invest in less develop countries who can produce all these goods for a better price.

  35. اهلاًوسهلاًياغالى يا كويت

  36. Noman Khan says:

    This is perfect decision

  37. All the Muslim countries need to follow them ban every thing made in France

  38. Very Good decision you are right

  39. Very good decision. .but better to protest aging france.

  40. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha so funny….

  41. Nope this is bad decision. Tomorrow Denmark will publish photo of our prophet. Then will be able to ban insulin made in Denmark. We Muslims are nothing in this planet when it comes to manufacturing life saving products or materials. So just keep quiet or develop industrial base

  42. I really respect this decion.