‘Land of Pearls’ in Arabic , Kuwait

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Honolulu translates as ‘Land of Pearls’ in Arabic, or literally ‘Here are Pearls’. This land that is often described as ‘Heaven on Earth’ establishes a final meeting place where we are promised a reunion with our deceased loved ones. For some, the attainment of Paradise remains a myth, but for others it instills hope and provides motivation to redress wrongs. This show represents both the coming to terms with the landscape of the unknown and embracing its faith counterpart. Heaven cannot be attained without our time here on Earth”.

‘Il est minuit à Tokyo, il est cinq heures au Mali,

Quelle heure est-il au paradis ?’ – Manu Chao

This multi-media exhibit is comprised of several series, including P.B.U.H., The Practice of Paradise, Pathways, Dish-Dash Angels, and Barefoot in which the artist reconciles the notion of loss with the myth of paradise.

Honolulu is dedicated in memory of Abouon’s father who passed away last year.

Gallery opening hours: 

Opening: Tuesday, 11th November ; 7 – 9 pm                        12th November until 4th December ; 10 am – 4 pm  (Closed on Friday, Saturday & public holidays)

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