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Huobi Talk is one of the most anticipated weekly broadcast show, which is live telecasted across the globe every Thursday from 12pm to 2pm, GMT+8 ( 7.00 am to 9.00 am Kuwait local time). The show is an initiative from Houbi Pro, an international digital currency trading platform and exchange.

The purpose of the show is to introduce new projects as well as interesting stories behind it from the world of blockchain. Each week a new concept or project is introduced and is discussed, covering areas like its concept, team details as well as its future plans. The audience gets to learn a lot about the project from its lead team as well as chance to win some quality airdrops during the show

The attraction of Huboi Talk is that it not only deals with ongoing projects but also the upcoming Projects as well. Some of the past episodes gave audience vast knowledge about Tron, NEM, Game.com etc as well as upcoming projects like Ruffchain, Linkeye, IOTEX etc.
Some snippet from past episodes

This week, Huobi Talk will be featuring Ontology Network.

So what is Ontology ?
Ontology is currently one of the most talked projects in Blockchain domain; it was found by Jun Li and launched by OnChain, the company led by NEO’s founders, Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang.

Ontology is a blockchain network that focuses on trust (including identity, authentication, verification, authorization) and modularity to support multiple use cases. Ontology is not so much a blockchain, but a matrix of blockchains.

What makes Ontology Special from other projects is the ability to act as a platform to connect between the private and public blockchain. For the layman to understand the biggest challenge faced by the most of the existing projects is to incorporate digital world to real world. Here is what Ontology makes its mark. Ontology can help organization to act as a platform to build their own private blockchain and help them to connect to outside ecosystem like NEO, allowing organization to harness the benefits of various ecosystems without compromising them. In simple terms it can build Trust among the trustless system
This week, Episode 30, Huobi Talk will be featuring Li Jun, founder of Ontology Network. In the show Mr. Li Jun will be sharing more about Ontology and its goal to build trust in a trustless system. The viewers will be getting a chance to ask him questions more about Ontology and he will be sharing his views about it

Unlike other talk shows, there a very attractive factor that makes Huobi Talk an interesting view. It’s the AIRDROPS. Every week viewer will not only be able to gather more insight about the projects but stand chance to win Airdrops for viewing the show

If you want to be part of it then subscribe to Huobi Pro on YouTube (http://bit.ly/2IfuGLV ) and Enjoy the show!!

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