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July 24, 20141 Comment

Thanks @tristarq8 @q8_bmw_club @q8_ducati_club @motoladyclub and Gulf Bank for inviting the KUWAIT UPTO DATE. KUD had good time with all of you. Special thanks to Jafar Behbehani , Miss Rana and Mr.Salem for yr company.

Photographer : Usman Choudhry
Instagram : @usman_choudhryASC_0818ASC_0794ASC_0785ASC_0780 ASC_0777ASC_0761 ASC_0769 ASC_0767 ASC_0766ASC_0765  ASC_0760 ASC_0753 ASC_0755ASC_0752 ASC_0746 ASC_0745 ASC_0740 ASC_0738ASC_0736 ASC_0735 ASC_0734 ASC_0730 ASC_0867 ASC_0856 ASC_0852 ASC_0850 ASC_0839 ASC_0813 ASC_0812 ASC_0800 ASC_0798 ASC_0792  ASC_0783

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  1. Rana Elm says:

    Awesome coverage my friend
    Thank you

    See you in all our events

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