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My driving license was issued on Dec 18, 2012 for 10 years with designation “Driver” and salary KD 400. But now my designation in my new company is being changed to Technical Assistant with the salary KD 400.

Please advise whether after my designation change my driving license will get cancelled or not? I have heard somewhere that this rule is implemented for the licenses issued after April 2013. I always see you give the correct answer, so awaiting for your valuable reply.

Name withheld
Answer: A very senior Kuwait Traffic Department clarified this issue not very long ago when he said that the decision on change of designations would affect only those licenses which were issue after April 1, 2013.

He added that all the licenses issued before this date would be renewed automatically. The designations affected are driver, housewife, Mandoub (company representative) and student.

If you have obtained a driving license — after April 1, 2013 — for the above four designations you will lose your license if you change the designation on the work permit.

But as you got the driving license before the above date, your driving license “should not “ be cancelled if you change your designation.

Source : Arabtimes

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  1. muhammad asif says:

    what documents required for apply driving license.

  2. Mohammad says:

    Dear Sir,
    i want to ask you that if i change my salary in work permit less than 600 kwd than my license will be cancelled or is there any chance of renewing it.

    Thank you

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