Detail : No More Visa 22 (Dependent Visa) For Expats Parents

October 21, 20190 Comments

The General Department of Residence Affairs has issued a decision according to which the children can no longer sponsor their parents to reside in the country but they can sponsor them for visit, reports Al- Qabas daily quoting reliable Interior Ministry sources.


The sources added if the wife and children are under the sponsorship of the head of the family (husband/father) under Article 22 (dependent visa) they have to leave the country if the husband resigns from his job and leaves the country.

The sources pointed out the same applies to the husband and children if they are under the sponsorship of wife/mother (in some cases where the ministry permits such sponsorship). The sources added the new decision is applied with immediate effect.

According to statistics of the ministry just one week earlier several children had sponsored their parents under Article 22, but according to the new decision they can no longer avail this facility.

The source concluded by saying the aim of the decision is to rearrange the expatriates who fall under Article 22 category. According to the new decision the spouse can sponsor only his/her wife/husband and children

Source : Arabtimes

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