Cooperative societies are ready to face any regional issue.

May 26, 20190 Comments

As usual in crises, many cooperative societies have declared their readiness fully in the event of any regional developments by providing a strategic stock sufficient for more than 6 months of basic commodities, food and some consumerism, reports Al-Anba daily.

As it is a central and pivotal element in the country and a key factor in food security, the cooperative societies have called for reassuring citizens and residents that there is no fear of a shortage of goods and products.

Things have been prepared before, and Kuwait has been able to overcome difficulties thanks to its solidarity, cooperation and cooperation.

First of all, the Chairman of the Khaldiya Cooperative Society Mohamed Ismail Al Ansari stressed that the cooperative societies should play a central and pivotal role in the crises that may be resolved in the region or the disasters that may occur, indicating that our role goes beyond the issue of storage and distribution of foodstuffs and basic commodities until we are ready.

To provide all that is required of us to ensure that things are normal. He said he will meet with leaders in the State and some government bodies to form teams at the highest readiness to meet at any time and deal with all regional variables.

He added that the region is living on a burning tin and Kuwait is a major part that may be affected by what is going on and therefore work is being done in full swing to fill stores with commodities and consumer goods that citizens and residents need for many months.

Source : Arabtimes

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