Can’t blame expats for traffic chaos on roads

July 4, 20181 Comment

On the notion that the growing number of expatriates is the cause of traffic congestion, Otul lamented about mixing cards regarding this issue.

He asserted, “The expatriates have nothing to do with traffic congestion, as the main issue is lack of organization. People engaged in certain jobs do not need a driving license. I remember when Dubai opened its metro service in 2009, the concerned authority there suspended renewal of driving licenses for persons engaged in about 100 jobs.”

On metro tunnels as a successful way of ending traffic congestion, Al-Otul agreed, adding this solution should be part of a comprehensive system involving other means of public transportation to serve its purpose. Talking about the government’s assessment and solution, Al-Otul affirmed the government has started constructing roads; but these roads have no lanes for group transportation, contrary to what other countries have done.

Commenting on the suggestion to change work timings in the government sector as a way of addressing the traffic problem, Al-Otul explained the issue is not about timings; it is about organization. “If we look at any area in the country, we will find that all facilities are in the same place like clinics which are near schools and cooperative societies so these areas experience traffic congestion most of the time.”

Source : Arabtimes


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