Ban on academic qualification amendment for expat over 50

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Aug 19: The Labor Affairs Sector of the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) has instructed all labor departments in all governorates not to receive transactions related to amendment of academic qualification in the work permit from high school level to university level for expatriate workers who are 50 years and above.

They said, “Following the issuance of administrative Decision No. 520/2020, which prohibits the issuance of work permits for those who have reached the age of 60 and over, holders of high school certificates and below, and their equivalent certificates as of early January 2021, requests for academic qualification amendment have increased in the Labor Affairs departments from expatriates who have been in the country for years but did not seek to amend their academic qualifications.

In the interest of implementing the decision and preventing circumvention or manipulation of the process, the amendment transactions for expatriates aged 50 and above will be rejected even if they have an actual university qualification. In case of suspicious certificates, official letters will be sent to the concerned authorities to ensure the authenticity of such certificates.

In addition, Aljarida daily quoting informed s from PAM affirmed that the authority will soon issue new decisions regarding the transfer and renewal of work permits for those holding certificates from foreign universities, including setting a specific age for residency.

Following the issuance of a decision to prohibit the renewal of residencies for expatriates above the age of 60 years starting from early next year, reliable s from the Public Authority for Manpower revealed that there is one category of expatriates who will be allowed to renew their residencies even if they have reached the age of 60, reports Al-Anba daily.

They explained that the exemption is for expatriates who hold visas under Article No. 19. It stipulates that the permissibility of granting normal residency to an investor or foreign partner in a commercial or industrial activity, as per the conditions, requires that the expatriate is a partner, his share in the company is not less than KD 100,000, and he is obligated to attend the last two budget-review meetings, certified by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Apart from that, no one is excluded from the decision.

The s said those with valid residency can complete the remaining period of their stay in the country, carry out the final cancellation in the last month and leave immediately.

They indicated that the idea of transferring the residency of parents who have exceeded 60 years to the sponsorship of their children is still under study, and no decision has been issued in that regard, adding that a decision is expected to be made before the decision comes into effect.

Source : Arabtimes

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