As per SUTD, Coronavirus crisis in Kuwait will end on May 29 (AlRai)

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A study prepared by the Singapore University of Technology and Design expected the end of the Corona pandemic crisis in many countries of the world, relying on official data provided by a number of countries around the world about infections and the life cycle of the virus in those countries.

The study did not address all countries of the world, but rather took samples from certain countries, some of which suffered greatly from the outbreak of the virus, such as the United States, Britain, Italy and Iran.

The results of the study shows that the Corona crisis will end in most Arab countries covered during the coming May and June, except for Jordan and Lebanon, where the results say that the pandemic has already ended on 19 and 22 of this month.

The study expected that the crisis in Kuwait will end on May 29, in the UAE on May 15, Bahrain on the third of June, and Qatar on the third of July.
The study adds that the Corona pandemic will end in Egypt on May 20, in Sudan on the fourth of the same month, and in Saudi Arabia it will reach its climax on May 1, ending in early June.

As for the rest of the world, the study expects that the epidemic crisis will end in Iran on May 10, in Turkey on May 15, in Italy on May 4, in Britain on May 9, in Spain at the beginning of the same month, and France on May 3. In Germany, the study says that the pandemic will end on the 30th of this month, in the United States on May 9, and Canada on May 16.

Source ; Al Rai

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