No dividing Only Multiplying

June 28, 20150


No dividing, only Multiplying.
no subtraction, only addition.

This Is our Kuwait
Standing together, when the darkness arrive,
Even the candle light was enough to shine.
Holding hand in hand, never letting go.

”Sharing, caring, praying and peace”
That is My Beloved Kuwait theme.
Some have lost their lives,
but their sacrifice will never be neglected.

They wanted us to be fear,
but our unity have proven we are fearless.
Don’t call it A black day.

It’s the day for unity, where everyone forgot Shia and Sunni!
What we are proving here is, we are human being.and only Muslims
Feeling pain for other, that what our religion has taught us.
Standing for each other and Supporting each other in every phrase.
We all are together today.

Some cowards wanted to threaten us,
but we prove them, we were brave, because we have the strongest weapons, that is
peace, unity and love which no one can steal away.
We Love you Kuwait!

written by shaheen sayyed
[email protected]

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