Kuwait planing to Block Whatsapp Calls

July 5, 20150


The Kuwaiti government is considering the possibility of blocking Whatsapp calls in a precautionary security measure taken is similar to the Gulf states such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and several other Arab countries.

The newspaper “opinion” Kuwait said in its edition of today’s “Saturday morning”, quoting a government source familiar with, the interior and transportation ministries are working in coordination with each other so as to ensure take technical and security measures and does not affect at the same time users, noting that an ad hoc committee will develop a report detailed in this framework for presentation to the Council of Ministers and decision-making in the would.

And at the same level, a source familiar pointed out that several difficulties facing the possibility of call blocking programs over the Internet such as (Viper) and (Tango), because of the large number of applications that offer such services free of charge, noting at the same time that the competent authorities consider all aspects related to this Thread for appropriate action. The source explained that the concerned authorities will use experiences GCC similar in dealing with these applications, especially in Saudi Arabia, which has long had previously blocked the possibility of using the application (Viper) in the UK, also did not give way is the Emirates and other countries in the possibility of using calls.

Source : Standard Republic

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