Kuwait court sentenced 8 individuals to 10 years jail

June 21, 2016

The Criminal Court, presided over by Judge Muhammad Jaafar, sentenced eight individuals led by a Lebanese to 10 years in prison for financing DAESH.

Case files indicate the Interior Ministry arrested the network which funds DAESH and provides it with missiles and other weapons. Securitymen put the network under surveillance, leading to the arrest of a Lebanese identified as Osama Khayat on the allegation that he is linked with the terrorist group.

Investigations revealed Osama is the coordinator, financier and organizer of logistics for DAESH, in addition to being the administrator of a website which he uses to support DAESH. During interrogations, he provided details of his activities, saying he signed contracts to purchase weapons and missiles (FN6) for DAESH.

He also admitted that he is in constant contact with the leadership of DAESH in Syria. He disclosed he signed the contracts in Ukraine and shipped weapons to Turkey, from there the weapons were taken to DAESH in Syria.

He also confessed to printing stamps and designing seals with DAESH slogan and transferring monies to its accounts in Turkey and Syria. He added a lot of people in Kuwait are his partners in working for DAESH.

Source : Arabtimes

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