Video & Pics : Vibe 2014 , Kuwait

December 20, 20140 Comments

Photographer : Usman Choudhry
Twitter : @usman_choudhry

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D-illusions is a Popular Dance Studio founded in 2007 by a set of young and dynamic youngsters passionate to contribute the arts world their talent and exhibit skills.  For the past four years with increasing set of members we have already proved our talent and appreciated as one of the best professional group by various event managements

We provide dance classes for Kids and Teenz
Classes Held in IPS (Indian Public School, Salmiya)
6pm – 7pm for KIDS
7pm – 8pm for TEENZ

Days – Saturday and Monday
For further information Contact us
Vibin John – 97276776
Eman Al Mel – 94472872

Facebook Link :

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