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Death penalty for Lebanese man for murdering Filipina

March 28, 20180 Comments

Lebanon’s state-run news agency is reporting that a Lebanese man has been charged with murdering a Filipina maid whose body was found stuffed in a freezer in Kuwait.

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Court issued death sentence against a Kuwaiti woman and her friend

February 1, 20182 Comments

The Criminal Court has issued death sentence against a Kuwaiti woman and her friend who are convicted of the murder of her daughter. Lawyer Ali Al-Ali, who is representing the father of the victim, said in a press release that the verdict should serve as a deterrent to anyone without a conscience and intends to commit such crimes. He urged the court to sentence the two defendants to death for the crime they are proven to have committed.

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Kuwaiti won 8,750,000 Kuwaiti Dinar

November 30, 20170 Comments

A Kuwaiti family has won the lawsuit which was filed in London against the Credit Suisse Group AG after the family lost worth $29 million of investments with the bank during the 2008 financial crisis. Mahmoud Haji Haider Abdullah and his sons, Maytham, Mahdi, and Mansour, had lost $29 million at the end of October 2008, Judge Andrew Baker said Monday, without defining how much money they can recover.

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Kuwait sentenced four Egyptians to death over the killing of a Pakistani

July 29, 201510 Comments

29892f4f-396e-4e57-9728-a6b1b7f23ae9The Egyptian nationals were sentenced on Tuesday. They were charged with murder using a hammer. Continue Reading &raquo

Kuwaiti sentenced to hang for ‘killing’ his filipino wife , Kuwait

November 20, 201423 Comments

The Criminal Court issued capital punishment against a citizen who murdered his Filipino wife after he found out the woman was pregnant without his permission. The court decided to refer civil aspect of the case to the relevant court. Continue Reading &raquo

Happy Ending of a Pakistani boy and a Kuwaiti girl #kuwait #q8

August 12, 201461 Comments

Saty-Together-A talk-of-the-town love story in oil-rich Kuwait could have ended up in tragedy had its local heroine not defied her family and resorted to court.
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