Kuwaiti sentenced to hang for ‘killing’ his filipino wife , Kuwait

November 20, 201423 Comments

The Criminal Court issued capital punishment against a citizen who murdered his Filipino wife after he found out the woman was pregnant without his permission. The court decided to refer civil aspect of the case to the relevant court.

The case file indicated the accused hit his wife several times on the head with a stick until she fell down and passed out. She was pronounced dead due to severe beating. Attorney Sultan Al-Tawala said after the verdict that ‘’the court has implemented the capital punishment they implored against the accused after presenting the substantial evidence.”

Source : ArabTimes

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  1. Ray Hunt says:

    If you do the wild thing w/ o. Using protection yer wife will get pregnant So stupid of the loss of life Please pray for for her family.

  2. Lesson to Learn to all pilipino women

  3. Thanks God for the justice!!

  4. Oo malala ata BALIW n asawa!!

  5. May sayad..gamitin tapos magalit ng mabuntis …sick!!!

  6. Asif Rasul says:

    Let hang him out , islam have same justice , teat for tat.

  7. he's akuwaiti national,he does want pleasure so sad…rip

  8. Bonge loli onge loli, please check your grammar you are Filipino

  9. Justice served what he desserve!!!!

  10. For one, why does the reporter write 'killing' as if to say that repeatedly hitting someone with a stick on the head cannot kill someone. Neither can it be a quote if the man was sentenced already. Secondly, from what planet does this man come from? What did he expect to happen to her if they slept together? He's a psychotic fool who deserves the sentence. RIP to the mother and the child

  11. He should face the penalty for his sin a brutal act of a husband he deserve to be hung

  12. for what being his wife ?? stupidong kabayo !!

  13. Buang nga akala ko cno umasta

  14. He want only to sleep without baby

  15. Bete Cata says:

    Penis tamang spelling nalito to ako s finis

  16. Gem Bel says:

    It's his baby but he didn't allow her to be pregnant??? What a man enough. He deserve the capital punishment indeed. He killed two lives!

  17. Because she is pregnant that's why ? Her stupid husband kill her? It's better cutting his finis too? Than he kill the poor wife.

  18. He's wrong coz he kill his wife.he should divorce her if he's not the responsible for her pregnancy.but he choose wrong way by killing her.nw he guilty.but very hard to face if u got same experience what he had with your wife.

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