Happy Ending of a Pakistani boy and a Kuwaiti girl #kuwait #q8

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Saty-Together-A talk-of-the-town love story in oil-rich Kuwait could have ended up in tragedy had its local heroine not defied her family and resorted to court.
Source Emirates247
The story is not a movie plot as it happened in real life and the court decided to give it a happy ending when it ruled that the Kuwaiti woman should marry her Pakistani boyfriend.

The 29-year-old girl, described as very beautiful, went to court after her father and brothers rejected the 33-year-old Pakistani suitor, en electrician residing in Kuwait, and threatened both of them.

When he tried again and refused to give up, they assaulted him and threatened that they would expel him from Kuwait.

The girl, an engineer at a local government department, then decided to go to court to report her family and tell the judge that she would not marry anyone else. She told her lawyer that she and that man had been in love for a long time.

“When she told me her story, I first thought that she was a victim of fraud or witchcraft. It was one of the strangest cases I have ever handled,” her lawyer Hamoud Al Radaan said, quoted by local newspapers.

“But she explained the conditions that led her to fall in love with that man. I also talked to her friends, who confirmed her story. It was a fair case and the court decided to give her justice by sentencing the couple to marriage.”

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  1. Rull is rull and all human being

  2. In every sorrow theres always a happiest tomorrow atleast happy ending… 😉 😉

  3. Thanks to all friends
    muhabbat hai tu duniya hai.
    again muhabbat zindabad

  4. You go girl ^_^ thx god thrre is justice on earth
    But she was brave enough to say no to traditions others are just victims of an unfair social code

  5. MABrook.Good luck for next life.

  6. well they were sentenced to marriage so that is penance any way.

  7. so does he get her property or any benefits of kuw8 or he still has a paki passport and vice versa?

  8. Ann Ismael says:

    Only TRUE love conquers all regardless of nationality, educational attainment, financial status, family background and all other aspects in life. To the couple, you both deserve all the best in life. God be with you :))

  9. wow..
    so sweet

    if u love someone and u fight for it…

    the love will.find a way…


  10. Luqman Ali says:

    Yes u r I right..should be doctor engeneer or minimum 18 rank of boy

  11. Ya salaaaam
    Alf alf mabroook 🙂

  12. How do kuwaities act with third world countries?

  13. Allah knows best. …

  14. Syed Yusuf says:

    o post on FacebookLovely HytiNationality dos"nt matter when you fall inlove by each other god is fair we are all human… 🙂 best of luck. ..

  15. Thirty three years of age and still a boy ! Huh thats sounds immature ! I thought the story would be more interesting ! Still am eager to know what conditions led her to fall in love !

  16. Shezi Rana says:

    Best of luck. Victory of the love.both be happy

  17. K-led Mohd says:

    I think the girl owed it more to her family who is of the same blood, rather than to some stranger.

  18. Mashaallah…LOVE conquers all!…..Best wishes to both of you!May Allah bless you & your families….;)

  19. Sabar Eiman says:

    I will never believe on this story while still not seen by my 2(eyes) the happening, it wouldn't possible the expat man to get marry with the kuwaiti woman, unless if you have a billion KUWAIT DINNARs..

  20. Saif Ahmed says:

    Shit….u can be sentenced to Marriage???
    cruel punishment !!!

  21. Mohammed Abdul Majid says:

    Best of luck………………..

  22. Mohammed Abdul Majid says:

    Best of luck………………..

  23. Zaheer Tariq says:

    Congratulations And Best Of Luck 2 them God Bless u. Happy Life

  24. Wild Heart says:

    meant for each other 🙂

  25. End was good. But will that pakistani guy give her all the luxurious life she had and will the kuwaiti girl adjust to their life style. It will be very difficult for the girl . Hope Allah help them .

  26. koi saudi hakomt ko b smjhao yaar….saudi walo kuwait sy he seekh loo

  27. Grow the hell up. Marriage is all about love NOT nationalities.

  28. Lavender AH says:

    This is called true love ♡

  29. Shahzad Iqbal says:

    So nice god bless them

  30. Wow….Proved the Love never dies…..Masha allah…

  31. Masha allah…its a happy ending.. congrats to both of u.

  32. Congrats u both d happy ending life..

  33. Congrats u both d happy ending life..

  34. Lovely Hyti says:

    Nationality dos"nt matter when you fall inlove by each other god is fair we are all human… 🙂 she really know what love means…..and she fought her family for the sake of love…. best wishes both 🙂

  35. Madiha Ikhlaq says:

    By sentencing the couple to marriage lol
    Best of luck
    V happy for both of u,