Panasonic introduces video production houses in Kuwait to the latest 4k innovations

November 23, 20140 Comments

X1000_slant_LCD_high_resAs photographers and videographers world over increasingly switch to 4K technology to capture the sharpest video footage and to edit without fear of losing quality, Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMAF) has launched an awareness event to educate professional videographers and photographers from Kuwait to the possibilities and benefits of 4 K and other cutting-edge technologies. In this regard, the company will host a Digital Imaging seminar on Monday, November 24th at the Marriott courtyard from 11 AM- 2 PM.

While Panasonic’s flagship models the Lumix DMC-GH4 and Full-HD camcorder the HC-MDH2 will be showcased, the key highlight will be the HC-X1000 camcorder which expands Panasonic’s growing lineup of 4K solutions.

Speaking ahead of the event Mr. Mr Wael Deeb, General Manager, Easa Husain Al-Yousifi & Sons Co- the official distributor of Panasonic in Kuwait commented, “Over the last few years there has been a major shift in the digital videography world with a strong interest in higher resolution images. It began with the advent of HD and now 4K is gaining traction as more people have become aware of the possibilities it offers. We have a range of products that offer 4k and HD capabilities and give much more control in post-production. Resizing, cropping, stabilization, and smaller grain (less noise) all benefit from increased resolution. We also foresee the educational sector like schools and universities benefiting from our expansive line-up.  This seminar is one of the efforts from us towards informing our consumers about our innovative line-up.”

The HC-X1000, Lumix DMC-GH4 and HC-MDH2 will be made available for a first-hand touch & feel. The seminar will serve as an ideal platform where the unexplored features and advantages of these latest and innovative imaging solutions would be highlighted.

The HC-X1000 offers semi-pro features inside a small, handheld body while still offering the professional look of a more complex shoulder mount broadcast model. Featuring a LEICA Dicomar lens alongside a new sensor and Crystal Engine Pro 4K, the HC-X1000 produces stunning, lifelike images in Ultra HD 4K resolution which is ideal for shooting high quality documentaries and events in 4K and Cinema 4K formats.

The superb 4K recording capabilities offered by the HC-X1000 also provides a lot more flexibility in the editing suite. 4K allows you to crop your composition and choose the perfect frame, as well as zoom 200 per cent while maintaining HD quality; turn stationary footage into panning shots; tilt and level the footage; or easily stabilize your film.

Mr. Deeb added, “The most obvious benefit of 4K is the resolution. Shooting in 4K helps differentiate yourself from the others. But there’s much more. Shooting in 4K opens up much more exciting possibilities for editing in post-production.”

The DMC-GH4 is a firmware to enhance the performance and controllability of the camera, featuring the latest 4K photo mode that encourages a new way of photography first proposed by Panasonic. It encourages users to capture spur-of-the-moment, high resolution, 4K photos by cropping out a designated frame from a 4K video. With the new firmware for DMC-GH4, it is easier to get 4K photo by using the dedicated mode. Furthermore, 4K video can be recorded continuously with Loop Rec function which keeps on saving 5 newest 2-minute video files before you press record. This means users can patiently wait for the perfect photo opportunity to come along for as long as they want through keeping the camera recording.

The HC-MDH2, on the other hand, is equipped with the Simultaneous Recording function which allows recording on dual memory devices while a 5-Axis Hybrid function O.I.S. & Level Shot Function thoroughly suppresses blurring and tilting. With greater advanced shooting performance design and operability, photographers can shoot still photos in 20 megapixel resolution and videos in Full HD or in Standard Definition format. Moreover, the LCD is positioned with the most suitable distance from the photographer enabling him to spot certain special moments that need to be captured in peripheral vision.

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