Online Renewal of family visa (Article 22)

March 29, 20205 Comments

A high-ranking official working for the General Administration of Residence Affairs was quoted as saying the head of the family within the next few days will be able to renew online the Article 22 residence permit (family visa).

The official told the daily all procedures related to completing such transactions are nearing completion. He added, the renewal of family residence is expected to take effect this week or the next week at the latest, saying the Civil IDs can be collected after the end of the curfew period which expected to end by next April 12.

The official added, fines resulting from the delay in renewing the family residence will make it obligatory for the head of the family to pay online unless a decision is issued by the concerned authorities to exempt fines due to non-availability of the service due to closure of state ministries.


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  1. Jacob says:

    There is no renewal button in the page when opened … is it blocked now ?

  2. Mohammad Shahid says:

    What about family visit visa over stay due to pandemic lock down

  3. Still article 22 is not able to renew

  4. Visa situation go vacation person thom date

  5. Pradeep says:

    My spouse is in India, type 22 dependent visa, how I can renew the residency and how she can travel with the old civil ID after wards?

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